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At Vitev, we believe the real expert in healthy water is Mother Nature and we’ve developed all of our products around her simple yet highly effective process. What led us to this methodology was our research into the longest living people on the planet - which included places such as: Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy) and Nicoya (Costa Rica). Besides having beautiful scenery they also shared something else in common; the people all drank highly rich mineral water from their natural streams.

The water from their “fountain of youth” was essentially highly mineralized water which shared strikingly similar values in pH and ORP with alkaline water. No metal plates, no electricity, no artificial forces - it was simply water running over beds of minerals. We’re simply taking the process Mother Nature created and putting it in your home - it’s really that simple.


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Results of alkaline water may vary to lifestyle. Vitev water is a supplement to a balanced healthy lifestyle. All prices are in HKD