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Do you know most of the beverages you consume in your daily life are oxidants? Every sip that you're taking from your coffee or favorite drink is compromising your health and accelerating the aging effects. One of the methods scientists use to measure antioxidants in liquids is through "Oxidation Reduction Potential" better known as O.R.P.

We've compiled a small sample of beverages just so you know what your body is absorbing:


Here's how alkaline levels affect your health: pH allows scientists to measure if things are acidic (harmful) or alkaline (healthy). A lot of ailments such as diabetes, cancer and even obesity thrive in acidic environments. The more acidic your body is the more likely you'll have a hard time living a healthy life. Most of the foods and drinks we enjoy (meats, junk food, alcohol) are acidic.

If you cut down on the harmful foods and consume more healthy foods you could turn your health around. Unfortunately, with our modern lifestyles that option is difficult to achieve. That's why water is so effective since it comprises roughly 70% of our bodies. Fill your body with a high dose of alkaline and get healthy.

Acidity and disease A lot of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer thrive in acidic environments. This means the more acidic your body is the more vulnerable it is to ailments. It doesn’t help that most of foods and drinks we enjoy such as meats, junk food, and alcohol are acidic.

Alkalinity and healthy bodies Balancing out the acidic foods we eat is the key to healthy disease free bodies. Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline and having more of these foods will offset the acidity level in your body. Eating right is obvious to being healthy, but unfortunately, with our modern lifestyles, that option is highly unlikely to stick.

Alkaline Water The answer to balancing acidity in your body and feeling great is alkaline water. Our bodies roughly 70% comprised of fluids. What makes more sense? Drinking water or changing your diet (to fruits and vegetables)?

Alkaline water will neutralize the acidity in your body and bring it back to its healthy balance. Becoming healthy is easy. Simply drink alkaline water.

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