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Price: HKD 1,680


Historically, leading health advocates pushed the idea that the best water is the one with everything stripped out. In the desire to get rid of the growing level of toxins in drinking water, the baby was tossed out with the bathwater as good minerals were also purged by reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Over time, that understanding evolved and we now understand minerals are vital for correct cellular hydration. The World Health Organization even released an in-depth showing the harm of drinking water without minerals.

The REMIN is the perfect solution for those who already have a RO system and want to make their clean but acidic water into healthy, alkaline water. It's easily inserted into any off-the-shelf RO and takes just a few minutes to start enjoying the benefits of alkaline, ionized water.

The REMIN operates using a time-release process so the minerals are delivered at a more consistent and healthy level. Many other cheap canisters are just filled with calcium powder that is depleted quickly and only raises the pH. The REMIN uses layers of minerals to not only boost the pH, but provide antioxidant and increased hydration properties. Read more about our minerals here.

pH Range: 8.5 to 9.5
ORP Range: -200 to -600
Life Span: 1 year with average use (2 gallons per day)
Dimensions: 2" W x 12" L

Made in America

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