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Water ionization provides real and measurable health benefits. Unfortunately, the water ionizer industry has done a terrible job of explaining how and why water ionizers work.

Here is what we believe is important to know about water ionization:

  • Ionized water is water that contains an electric charge. That is is important because our bodies are made up of electrical charges. Water that has become alkaline (water that has a negative charge due to the presence of free hydrogen) donates energy to your body.

  • Every one of the trillion cells in your body has an internal “power plant” called a Mitochondria, that runs on hydrogen atoms. Ionized water is full of free hydrogen atoms that can be used to fuel your cells and to neutralize unused oxygen which are known as free radicals.

  • Pure water can’t be ionized. The “quack watchers” that say water ionizers are a scam because water itself can’t be ionized are correct, but they fail to explain that it is the minerals in the water that provide the energy that your body needs.

  • That means Distilled water and Reverse Osmosis water, often referred to as “dead water” don’t do anything to satisfy the mineral and energy requirements of your body.

  • A water molecule is made up of one energy hungry Oxygen atom and two energy donating Hydrogen atoms. Science dictates the H2O structure of water because each Oxygen atom requires two additional electrons (think of electrons as energy packets) to be stable and each Hydrogen donates one electron.

  • When water comes in contact with an alkali element such as Magnesium or Calcium, the oxygen atom has a stronger attraction to the Magnesium or Calcium atoms that it does to the hydrogen atoms that form a water molecule. As a result of the stronger attraction of oxygen to magnesium or calcium, the water molecule detaches a hydrogen atom and the oxygen attaches itself to the magnesium or calcium atom. The “free” hydrogen is virtually pure energy that fuels the body.

  • Electric water ionizer companies tell us that you need to add electricity to water to create ionization but that is simply not true. Electrocuting pure water won’t produce any ionization. As stated above, you need to add alkali elements to the water to create ionization.

  • Electric water ionizers concentrate the alkali elements that naturally occur in the source water at the cathode (the negatively charged pole on their ionizer plates) and send the water out through the “drinking rod”. When the water molecules interact with the alkali elements, ionization occurs.

  • The degree of stable (long lasting) ionization depends solely on the concentration of alkali elements in the water. That means that the performance of electric water ionizers depends upon the concentration of alkali elements in the source water.

  • Vitev products introduce alkali elements into the water at pre-determined levels to maximize the desired level of ionization in the water. That means that Vitev has no need for expensive and unnecessary electronics found in electric water ionizers.

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