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If you have found that searching for a water ionizer has left you frustrated and confused, you are not alone. It seems like every company claims to be the best and many go out of their way to bash their competition. How can you possibly get a good feeling about any of them?

You are also faced with the “quack watcher” types and those who market other types of water filtration products who claim that it is impossible to ionize water. What is troubling is that nobody in the water ionizer industry makes an effort to explain how and why water ionizers work so that people can feel confident in buying a water ionizer.

Finally, for most of us, there is always that nagging question at the back of your mind: “Why are such simple machines so expensive?” There is no need for the process to be confusing because the answers are really quite simple.

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Results of alkaline water may vary to lifestyle. Vitev water is a supplement to a balanced healthy lifestyle. All prices are in HKD